• Auto-charging subscriptions and invoices

    Charge your customers automatically or send them invoices with a payment link. Allow mixed subscriptions in the same cart - for one-time pay and subscription purchases. Give customers a discount when they subscribe.

  • All-in-one subscription management

    Create subscription rules for all products or specific collections. Edit product price, shipping price, payment schedule, and shipping address. Swap, add, remove products in subscriptions. All in your Shopify admin.

  • Cancellation & dunning management

    Automatically trigger a questionnaire when a recurring order is canceled to understand your customers’ motivations. Define a number of unsuccessful payment attempts for a new unpaid subscription to reduce churn.

  • Personalized notifications

    Set up and edit various email notifications sent to your customers: “Pause subscription”, “Payment failed”, “Subscription information updated”, and so on. Edit the email content to be more personalized.

  • Comprehensive analytics

    Collect analytics data at an early stage to get insights from subscription rules and customer subscriptions. This is not the case with other subscription apps since they analyze data only for completed subscriptions.

  • Fully customizable design

    The subscription widget design can be adjusted for any theme with a built-in editor and online preview feature. Place it anywhere on the product page or in the “Quick View” and “Featured Product” sections.

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